Larry's, a cocktail bar from the owners of Heritage Bicycles—the Lakeview-based coffee and bike shop opened in February. It occupies a small space that opens onto the lobby, boasting just 21 seats (16 located at the four tables, plus another five at the bar) and some room in the middle for standing around a long communal table.  A curved stained-glass ceiling/skylight (original to the building) and geometric chandeliers illuminate couches, armchairs, and long wooden tables with their own lamps and built-in electrical outlets. Meanwhile the bar itself is cozier than the lobby but has a similarly old-timey feel, with vintage art on the walls (including several display boxes filled with pinned moth specimens).



Uptown drinkers now have a much-needed new cocktail bar helmed by two of Chicago’s most-acclaimed barmen. Larry’s, a cozy neighborhood spot inspired by a classic hotel bar, opens today in the historic Lawrence House, the restored residential building at 1020 W. Lawrence Ave. that feels like a throwback hotel. Heisler Hospitality vets Wade McElroy and Jeff Donahue,